Solodue, story of two creative individuals, with a great determination.

Mother and son.

Two heads that need to unite around one idea, with their sudden changes in mood, daily events and tempers...but especially LOVE for their work.

This is how Solodue grows, opens up new horizons, new realities beyond Rome, where it was born six years ago.

A new challenge, which means Alessandro and Elisabetta will be traveling more; from Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples to Puglia, their homeland, to Sicily, land of passion and elegance, and finally to Sardinia!

This is the wandering part of their work, presenting their collections in exclusive locations, niche showrooms, boutique hotels.

A regular appointment for those who now follow them and expect for them at least twice a year, with the Autumn/Winter and the Spring/Summer collections.

About us



The Solodue collections are continuous research on materials, labor and creativity arise from the "matter"

The idea of a suit comes from a fabric you fall in love with. The fabric leads to think of a line

As indeed a high quality leather is essential for the success of the footwear and accessories

Alessandro and Elisabetta often seek even vintage materials, unique fabrics, different, for a product not homologated

Tailoring and Dressmaking 

All Solodue collections are designed by Elisabetta and tailoring made.
The strong point of his work is the ability to offer customers a customized, tailored item of clothing. As in the best sartorial tradition of the past


Solodue and Brides

In this microcosm of tailoring and creativity there is a space reserved for brides

"I like to experiment with the brides who trust me customized, never banal lines that makes them feel beautiful in an important moment in their lives. Very popular clothes are also the ones for second marriage, "wedding, but not quite", with our tailoring we succeed .... "
Elisabetta La Monica


Mostra altro



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